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This is for fanatics only. They just released all the Fleischer Popeye cartoons on DVD! Beautifully restored from the original negatives!! Plus a bunch of other early sound and silent Fleischer cartoons, including some of the Out of the Inkwell series!

*fans herself* Whew! I just read a book about the Fleischer studio, and like magic this DVD appeared!

I'm glad I dithered so long about which Popeyes to buy on DVD, now I can get the real thing. I think the Max Fleischer cartoons are my favourite of any era, all of them. Except maybe "Gulliver's Travels," which is pretty tame by comparison to the shorts. And I've been a Popeye fangirl since I was three or so. The Fleischers were my favourites back then too except I didn't know that that was what they were. The old black-and-white ones. With the weird, fascinating, stretchy loopy animation.

Okay, enough of that. Except - Amazon.com seems to be having a sale on The Simpsons DVDs - $17.98 each for the first six seasons! Finally I can justify buying on DVD what I've seen a thousand times taped from TV. Who says people won't pay to see what they can see for free on television? Well, I won't pay $35, but I will pay 18. Not that I'm a cheapskate so much... just broke as usual. :D

Oh yeah, and I saw the Simpsons Movie, like everybody else in the country (at least). Lots of fun. I was pleasantly surprised not to be horribly disappointed. I have a few little cavils, but it certainly made me laugh, that was worthwhile. And I didn't instantly forget it, the way I do the Harry Potter and Spiderman movies, heh.
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