Feb. 10th, 2011

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Okay, this is how to stop war.  The right-wingers care violently about the fetus, though not at all about the infant (a.k.a. the post-born).  (Which is evidenced by their frenzied hatred of abortion and simultaneous virulence against sex education and birth control, much less any government support for housing, health care, or even education of the child.)  Well then, they should care even more violently about the not yet fertilized.  All those fighting men, and women too, who get killed in war will never be able to create any children – all those potential fetuses pre-aborted!  Surely this must be stopped! 

At the very least, anyone who goes into battle should have all their gametes removed for storage.  But then who would bear all the pre-snowflake embryos?

But protecting the children of the fighters doesn't make war acceptable.  What about all the civilians who are killed?  They have gametes, too!  What about them, eh?  Think of the children!  I mean the pre-fertilized, not the post-born, of course. 

Okay, maybe this is more snark than inspiration, but ...  Man, I want to live in a sane world.

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