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I'm so delighted that Barack Obama won the election. Partly because it means the U.S. is going to return to the 21st century instead of racing as fast as possible back towards the 19th - if not the 14th, as it seemed sometimes. We're going to have a government that at least tries to be based on something like reason, as opposed to sound bites, backroom deals with corporations, drunken-sailor style spending, and imperialistic thuggery. I don't necessarily agree with Obama about all his policies, and I don't think he is flawless (or entirely free of corporate ties) by any means, but he is a thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable, and well-meaning person, he listens to opposing viewpoints, and he knows how to motivate people in a civilized, positive way. Can there be a more absolute change from the last eight years?

More than anything, I'm ecstatic that for once there is no doubt at all - the American public has spoken, and the guy they wanted won. There was voter turnout at the 80% level, as opposed to the usual 50%. Whatever election irregularities or glitches existed were overwhelmed by the sheer tide of determination and enthusiasm. It was an inspiring thing to see. There hasn't been turnout like this in an American election since 1908.

Should be interesting now to see what develops. He has a mandate, let's see if he can live up to it. At least we don't have to be embarrassed by our president any more.

(I would probably sound more excited if I weren't so freaking exhausted after about 24 hours straight of being glued to the radio and internet following this race. :D)
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