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I never thought I would live through a time as vile as the past ten years have been in the U.S. (and promise to continue being for a while yet), but then I never thought that so many people were as dumb as they apparently are. So, live and learn I guess.

I'm happy to see a new decade, even though as a "change" it's completely meaningless and arbitrary - I mean, a decade is a completely artificial construct - but right now I'm not being picky. Symbolism will do.

I'm not even going to consider the new catastrophes awaiting us in the 2010's. I'm just sort of amazed that I'm still here to see them. Living in L.A. puts you in a happy-go-lucky state of mind, anyway - yeah, there could be a devastating earthquake at any moment, but heck, usually they're just little shivers, so why worry? We'll all be fine!

Seriously, I do feel pretty free at the moment, having just recovered from some unknown illness, and I can apply that to the new year and, hurray, new decade! I wish us all well, and especially our ailing planet Earth - maybe we'll wake up and start realizing that our survival actually is dependent on the way we treat this thing. It'll do all right without us, but our range of tolerance is maybe not as great as we think.

But heck, I don't want to talk about that right now. Happy New Year.
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