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Thank God I don't watch TV and I live in California, where the Republicans apparently aren't throwing away their money on robocalls, or maybe I'm just not on the right list.  I don't know how people are keeping any shreds of sanity during these last days before this horrendous, hateful election.  How many hundreds of millions of dollars are the political parties spending on ads?  And thanks to Citzens United, this tsunami of electoral waste will likely be the norm from now on, just like gigantic "fluke" storms coming from climate change.

Next election cycle (which I suppose begins the day after the election and any subsequent turmoil is resolved), how about we ban ads altogether?  The parties can still spend their billions of PAC dollars, but instead of swirling it all down the toilet in ads, force them to compete by investing that money in new technologies, thus creating real jobs, and on improving infrastructure.  Whoever does the best job of making a spanking new, cleaned-up, refreshed, prosperous America will win!  Talk about positive campaigning!

Isn't that how the parties once used to try to win elections, by actually doing something constructive for the country while they were in office?  Back in the 1930s or something?  When people used to think government had a rational function? 

I know, I'm a looney.  I'll go away now.

Date: 2012-11-04 02:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] drakeducaine.livejournal.com
That ad spending is into a billion on each side, from what I've heard. I'm in Maryland now and it's pretty damn crazy. In my area there aren't too many people putting signs out on their lawns or plastering their cars with bumper stickers, but from the barrage of ads EVERYWHERE you'd think people practically lived and breathed politics. I think public broadcasting has been the only safehaven where mudslinging is neatly exchanged for sane discussion.

Date: 2012-11-05 01:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sfwriter.livejournal.com
I don't even care that much for public broadcasting, to be honest - from the little I hear, there is still too much acceptance of talking points and not enough refutation of lies. Hopefully the shows you are watching/listening to are better.

Since so many lies in ads, speeches, and around the internet are allowed to get through without any criticism in the media, it makes sensible discussion nearly impossible. You can't have rational argument when each side violently disagrees about the truth of nearly all basic facts.

You can sort of feel your IQ draining away just listening to some of the more extreme nonsense that gets thrown around as "facts," but lots of less spectacular lies get by without notice.

But anyway. All that aside, spending 2 billion dollars on ads (plus what about all the other stuff they spend money on?) is just freaking immoral. What other country runs an election that way? And who benefits from all that cash? The very media that doesn't do a damn thing to keep elections honest in this country. On the other hand, I suppose it's a pittance compared to the money spent on lobbying in DC every year.

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